About Killing Time


"the sickest show in town... capped by a resolution that is spiritual and hopeful."
-- Backstage


Killing Time is a dark comedy
about life, death, and the afterlife.

A prostitute and a botanist are stuck
in a room that they can't escape.

An aging cop and a Trekkie form an
unlikely bond in the back of a bus.
Bodies are piling up on Conner beach on Long Island,
and there's a serial killer on the loose.

This is the story of how these threads converge
to challenge the audience's beliefs and perceptions,
in a way that engages them directly in the big questions about life and death.


Format: Full Length Genre: Dark Comedy Run Time: 90 Minutes Cast: 4 male, 5 female


Cast of Characters

VIVIAN 20s, a young women with a sharp edge.
LEIGHA 30s, a flower-child and academic researcher.
JIMMY / BRUCE 30s, a math teacher.
GRANT 20s, an energetic man from Tennessee.
FLOYD 50s, a police officer.
KITTY 20s, a women who oozes sexuality.
JOE 19, a freshman in college.
TERRY 19, a freshman in college, in love with Joe.
JAMIE 20s, Terry's roommate, short, Indian exchange student.


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- Killing Time was a 2012 Finalist for the Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship -